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Manage Funding Document Settings as a Brand

Manage payment request and monthly statement settings

Your Funding Document Settings are where you'll manage details found on your payment request form (PRF) or statement of invoices (SOI)—depending on your funding strategy—as well as your monthly statements.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Settings] → Finance.

  2. From the left navigation menu, select Settings → Document Settings.

  3. Make the changes you want to make.

    • Select which funding strategy your account uses below to get more information on their settings.

  4. Select Save.

Do not change your Funding Documents setting choice

This section will explain the different settings available for you to change depending on how you fund your account. However, you should never change your own funding documents settings. You can change their related settings, but talk with your CSM or contact support before changing how you wish to fund your account.

How do you fund your account?

Payment Request settings

These settings are available to change if you fund your account based on upcoming costs.



Document Title

Select if you want your partner payment request forms to be called Payment Request Form or Pro Forma Invoice. Pro Forma Invoices are usually used for international payments.

Automatically Generate and Email

Toggle if you want payment requests to be automatically generated and sent to your financial contacts, like a Finance Department member.

Transactional data

Check if you want to exclude fees from Payment Request Forms.

Check whether you want to aggregate your marketplace partner payouts or itemize them by partner. will be listed as a "partner" if this is checked.

Check if you want the media spend represented in a partner payment invoice to be broken down per partner.

If you toggle this setting off, you will only see the lump sum amount you need to fund your account up to.

Enter your funding safety margin. Use this number to ensure you do not inadvertently underfund your account, especially if you set your partner payment invoices to send at the end of the month.

Vendor Code

Enter your vendor code (if you have one) so it can appear on your Partner Payment invoices.

Due Date Description

Add text here with details about funding your account or about the due dates. If you leave this blank, will automatically populate this field on your partner invoices.

Alternate billing address

Toggle if you want your Partner Payment invoices to be billed to your default billing address or an alternative address.

If you want the invoice to go to an alternative address, enter the address details.

You can also manage your general finance document settings and your invoice settings from the Document Settings screen.

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