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Canadian Routing Numbers Explained for Partners

As a partner who uses the Canadian banking system, it's important to understand routing numbers so that you can withdraw your balance via EFT from the platform.

What is a routing number?

Banks in Canada use routing numbers when processing transactions to identify the bank and branch associated with an account. This number can be formatted in 2 ways depending on the type of transaction taking place. For EFT transactions, your routing number always follows the format below:

  • The number is 9 digits long

  • 0 is a standard digit that always precedes the other 8 digits

  • 123 represents the bank associated with your account

  • 45678 represents the bank branch associated with your account


Be sure to use the format above when filling in the Routing Number field of your Bank Account settings. See Complete Your Bank Account Settings as a Partner for more information on how to set up or modify your payment method.

Find your routing number

If you don't know your account's routing number, there are many online resources you can use to find it. The steps below show you how to find your routing number using one such site.

  1. Navigate to any website that helps you find your routing number. We’ll use's web page for this instructional example ( is in no way affiliated with

  2. Select Find your routing number.

  3. Select the bank with which you opened your account.

  4. Select Find (your bank's) transit number.

    • You will be provided with an institution number and a transit number (aka, the bank number and the branch number).

  5. Combine the numbers according to the 9-digit format shown above. Remember to add the leading zero first.

    • For the example in the screenshot provided, the routing number will be: 001030800


If you are unable to follow the process above to find your routing number, try a different online resource or refer directly to your bank.

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