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Why Haven't I Received My Payouts Yet?

A few different factors can influence when you receive your payouts. Some of the most common include:

There are earnings in your balance, but no withdrawal is triggered

This setting determines when auto withdrawals to your selected payment method will be triggered, when you have earnings in your balance. These settings allow you to configure payments based on certain thresholds or a fixed day. Refer to Select How Often You Can Get Paid as a Partner for more information.

Your Autopay settings are directly tied to the payment timeline, aka the action locking and payment scheduling periods. Refer to the Partner Payments Explained from Action to Payout to learn how fund withdrawals are processed.

The pending earnings have not moved into your balance

The action payout lifecycle has not been completed

When you are credited for driving an action (such as an online sale/CPA) and receive a commission for it, that payout remains pending until the payment lifecycle concludes. The action payment lifecycle consists of:

  • The action-locking period

    • The time before an action is finalized and can no longer be reversed

  • The invoicing date for the action payout

  • The payout scheduling period

    • The set period of time a brand has to pay you for driven actions

To learn more about the action payment lifecycle, read our article on how partner payments are processed.

Brands under-funding their account

In some cases, brands fail to fund their accounts in time to make payouts to their partners based on their contracted payout scheduling. You can contact the brand to inquire about the outstanding payouts. Learn more about your overdue payments.

Your account's bank details have been updated

Your account is protected against any bad actors through payment security measures. When your account details are changed, the following security measures will take effect:

  • Automated email notifications will immediately alert you about any bank details changes.

  • A 48-hour payment hold after banking detail updates. Visible banners will inform you of the payment hold and any unauthorized changes, prompting immediate action to secure accounts.

  • If you report the updates as fraudulent, a payment requirement protocol will block payments upon detecting suspected fraudulent activity to protect against fraudulent payouts.

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