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Pending Screen Overview for Partners

The Pending screen allows you to keep track of your account’s pending and overdue payments. It shows a Pending balance of funds due to you and you can filter through and view more information about the pending transactions.

Access the Pending Balance screen

  • From the top navigation menu, select your wallet amount → Pending.

Manage transactions

  1. Under your Pending balance, you can Search or filter through transactions by Date, Brand, or Transaction status.

    • You can filter by the Not yet locked, Locked, Overdue, or All transaction statuses.

  2. Select any transaction to see more information about it.

    • Transactions that are Overdue have a red exclamation mark icon () next to them.

  3. You can view even further details about the transaction by selecting an individual line item.

  4. Optionally, contact the brandfrom this screen to inquire why the payment is overdue.

    • Enter your From name and email address.

    • Enter a Subject and a Message to the brand.

    • Select Send email.

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