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Batch Modifications & Reversals Overview

You can change the commission a partner receives for an action by submitting reversals or modifications. These are commonly used when something about an action has changed, like a booking gets canceled, a disposition code is used, or when the reported conversion data for an action is incorrect. Actions can be modified or reversed at any time before the locking date of the action.

Partners have transparency in their reporting to see any actions that have been modified or reversed, along with the reason for the reversal.

Note: allows a maximum of 1000 modifications per action. If you need to make further modifications thereafter, contact support.

Common reversal reasons

  • Returned orders or items - Most brands prefer not to pay commissions on orders that are returned, since the revenue from that action is never actually realized.

  • Canceled actions - If the event that took place was subsequently canceled, then you can choose to reverse the action in order to not pay out commissions.

  • Fraud - If you see activity from a partner that goes against the terms and conditions outlined in your contract, then you can choose to reverse an action. Some common examples include actions from a stolen credit card, trademark bidding, or cookie stuffing.

You can create a .csv or .xml file to process action modifications and reversals (sometimes referred to as Returns) in bulk and submit it to via FTP or email. When reversing a parent event, the child event is not always automatically reversed (depending on the contract), hence it is best practice to reverse parent and child events individually should you want both events reversed.

Correcting locked actions: You cannot modify or reverse actions after they lock. Your only course of action is to send a make-good to a partner via Partner Funds Transfer, or to request the partner send a make-good to you.

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