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Reset Batch Modifications or Reversals

If you've accidentally modified or reversed a pending action and want to restore its original value or status, you can submit a reset file.


Using a reset file can skew certain action listing reports, such as accidental reversals (even after reset) still appearing reversed, or actions can be stuck with a "Reset to original value" status even if they've been modified after being reset. We recommend discussing this with your CSM (or contact support) before submitting a reset file.

This file only requires three headers. These values can be found on the Action Details screen (Transactions → Pending Payouts → Actions → Select the linked Action ID value).




The Order ID (OID) value of the action to reset.


The ID of the Event Type (i.e., Action Tracker) this action was tracked by.


RESET is the only accepted value.


Oid,ActionTrackerId,Reason  O9999935,16027,RESET

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