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Batch File Upload Name Requirements

When uploading files to Impact (e.g., ad content, FTP files, etc.), you'll need to ensure they're named correctly order for our system to accept and process them.

File name requirements

Files cannot have a period (.) in the name (e.g., My.Bulk.Upload.1.19.38.xlsx). Use a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) between words instead (e.g., My_Bulk_Upload_1_19_38.xlsx).

Blocked file extensions

These file extensions are blocked by Impact:

  • .php5

  • .pht

  • .phtml

  • .shtml

  • .asa

  • .cer

  • .asax

  • .swf

  • .xap

  • .exe

  • .zip

  • .rar

  • .iso

  • .tar

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