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Asset Types Explained for Partners

When you join a brand's program, you can begin serving assets they make available to you. Below are all of the different types of assets you might encounter, grouped together by where the asset is served or how it works. You can use the Assets filter bar on the Assets page to search for a specific type of asset.

Online assets are served on your digital media property. Some examples of these assets are images or email assets. You can also request online assets from your partnered brand.

Online Asset Type



This is a traditional banner-style asset, typically placed next to static web page content (like a news article or blog post).


An asset placed within marketing emails. These can come with custom HTML code and unique images.

Sponsored Text

Text assets, similar to sponsored assets you can find on search engine results pages.

Text Link

A hyperlinked text asset that sends traffic to a landing page.


A specific asset type for Coupon and Deal partners who utilize the promotional ad data feed. If you are subscribed to the promotional asset data feed, you will automatically receive these asset.


A generic asset created from a unique HTML file that your partnered brand uploads.


A video that your partnered brand uploaded to, which you can place as an asset on a website. This video cannot be placed on social media networks (e.g., Facebook or YouTube).

Flexi Ad

A highly customizable asset that can produce widgets, can be set to display full-screen, and more.

Social Media Post

An asset consisting of at least text content. These assets can also come with a creative, like a product photo.

XML Syndication

An asset that is kept up-to-date via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) by the brand. These assets will already have an embedded tracking link.


If you want to promote a specific product instead of an asset, you can search for a product to promote on the Products screen.

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