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Connect & Manage Media Properties

Connect your website, social media profiles, mobile apps, podcasts, and other media properties so that brands can see where you promote to your audience. You'll also want your media properties to be verified by whenever possible.

How it works

  • You’ll use the Media Properties screen under Settings → Profile → Media Properties to add and edit your media properties.

  • needs to verify most of the media properties you add, in order to make sure that it's real and belongs to you.

  • Brands that view your partner profile in can see your media properties.

Supported media properties


The business/personal website that you use to advertise to your audience. These can be verified.

Social media profiles & pages

The social media profiles, pages or communities that you manage or advertise on.

WeChat, Weibo, and LinkedIn cannot be verified. All other social media options shown can be verified.

Mobile apps

Any mobile apps on iOS or Android that you manage, own or advertise in, like a mobile game. These cannot be verified.

Email newsletters

Emails or newsletters that you send to your audience and advertise in. These cannot be verified.


Recorded podcasts that you own, manage or advertise in. These cannot be verified.

Offline and other media properties

Any other properties you use to advertise that don't fit into the above categories. These cannot be verified.

Verification statuses

Not Yet Verified

The media property hasn't been verified yet.


The media property is properly verified and will appear in your marketplace profile.


The media property connection has expired and needs to be reconnected to be verified.

Not available

The media property cannot be verified.

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