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Connect & Manage Media Properties

Connect your website, social media profiles, mobile apps, podcasts, and other media properties to so that brands can see where you promote to your audience. You'll also want your media properties to be verified by whenever possible.


How it works

  • You’ll navigate to the Media Properties screen to add and edit your media properties.

  • Brands that view your partner profile will see your media properties and where you promote to your audience.

Add your media properties

  1. From the left navigation menu, select  [Menu] → Settings.

    • Alternatively, for Creator accounts, in the upper-right corner, select user-circle-solid.svg [User profile] → Settings.

  2. Under the Profile section, select Media Properties.

  3. In the top right corner, select Create Media Property → {the type of media property you wish to connect}.

  4. Follow the prompts to fill in the necessary fields or log in to the social media platform.

    • For detailed instructions on how to connect a specific property, select the relevant book-open-solid.svg [Document link] in the table below.

Property help doc


Websites book-open-solid.svg

The business/personal website that you use to advertise to your audience. These can be verified.

Social media profiles & pages book-open-solid.svg

The social media profiles, pages, or communities that you manage or advertise on.

WeChat, Weibo, and LinkedIn cannot be verified. All other social media options shown can be verified.

Mobile apps book-open-solid.svg

Any mobile apps on iOS or Android that you manage, own, or advertise in—like a mobile game. These cannot be verified.

Email newsletters book-open-solid.svg

Emails or newsletters that you send to your audience and advertise in. These cannot be verified.

Podcasts book-open-solid.svg

Recorded podcasts that you own, manage, or advertise in. These cannot be verified.

Offline and other media properties book-open-solid.svg

Any other properties you use to advertise that don't fit into the above categories. These cannot be verified.

Why your media properties need to be verified

After connecting your media properties to, verifying your ownership is crucial to:

  • Ensure brand promotions on your properties are properly attributed.

  • Protect against malicious users claiming credit for your promotions.

  • Meet's payment requirements and ensure seamless future payouts.

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