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Connect a Mobile App

  1. From the left navigation menu, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Settings.

    • Alternatively, for Creator accounts, in the upper-right corner, select user-circle-solid.svg [User profile] → Settings.

  2. Under the Profile section, select Media Properties.

  3. In the top right corner, select Create Media Property → Mobile App.

  4. Complete all fields with information about your mobile app:

    App Name

    Provide the name of your mobile app — this will appear in the Name column when viewing the Media Properties screen.


    Use the dropdown to select the platform that this app runs on — iOS or Android. If you serve both platforms, create a second mobile app media property for the platform you don't select here.

    App Store URL

    Provide the full public URL to your app's listing in the relevant platform's app store.


    Provide a description of your mobile app, limited to 1000 characters, including spaces.


    Use the file browser to upload a screenshot of your mobile app — similar to the screenshots required for your app store listing.

  5. Select Save to add your mobile app to the media properties table.

If your media properties fail to verify automatically after connecting, follow the instructions in Speed Up Media Property Verification or contact support.

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