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Find & Promote Products from the Product Marketplace

What is the Product Marketplace?

The Product Marketplace is a brand discovery tool that allows partners to discover and apply to new brands via the products that the brands have on offer. As a partner, you are able to:

  1. Explore collections of different products (i.e. best sellers, electronics, trending products, etc.) curated by, as well as browse across all products on the platform—regardless of your relationship with the brands that offer the products.

  2. Browse the Product Marketplace across devices (Desktop, mobile web, and mobile app).

  3. Search for products that fit your desired criteria by filtering and sorting.

  4. Compile your favorite products and their respective tracking links into a list by selecting [Favorite] on the product tile.

  5. Compare commission rates from different brands on the same product.

View promotable products

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Products.

  2. From here, you can:

Learn more about a product

After you find a product you might want to promote or learn more about, you can select the product's card to see more information on the product. The table below provides more detail on the information you can find here.

Product Detail


General Product Info

The name of the product, its price, and its description.

Est Payout

What you can earn for driving a sale of this product.


The percentage value of the sale amount you could earn for driving a sale of the product.


Whether the product is currently in stock.

Last Update

The date on which the product was last edited.


The name and link to the program to which the product belongs.


The product's stock-keeping unit (SKU). This is a unique ID to help you identify a specific product.

Landing Page

A link to the product's web page.


The tags with which the product is associated.

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