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Credit Card Product Catalogs for Partners

A credit card product catalog is a data feed file that provides detailed information about credit card products on a brand’s site. Product feeds are useful for a variety of applications, such as building out a comparison shopping engine inventory or product storefront.

Access available catalogs

The Product Catalogs page provides detailed information about product groups from a brand’s site. The list is formed from the catalogs provided by each brand and enables you to download a file containing only the desired product information based on your specifications.

  1. Select Content → Product Catalogs.

  2. Locate your desired calalog.

  3. In the actions column, select [More]→ View Details.

  4. The Product Catalog Details page will load with the catalog details. This page provides links for direct downloads, FTP server details and an API access link. Additional details are at the end of this document.


When opening downloaded files in Microsoft Excel, it may default to Windows character encoding and not UTF-8/UTF-16, in which case special characters won't be recognized correctly. To prevent this, instead of opening the file directly, first open Microsoft Excel, open a new blank workbook, then go to File → Import → CSV → get data → Delimited → File Origin: Unicode UTF-8 → Comma Separated → Open File.

Accessing products

The Products (Credit Card) page provides detailed information about individual products from a brand’s site. The list is formed from the product catalogs provided by brands and enables you to download a file containing only the desired products based on your specifications. This option will only be visible if you have a relationship with brands that are uploading Credit Card catalogs.

To access Products, refer to the following:

  1. Navigate to Content → Products (Credit Card).

  2. Use the checkboxes to select desired items or select all items on any given page.

  3. Click the Download button (top left) to download a single file for the selections.

Access product catalog via API

API Access enables you to search for product catalogs/items for brands with whom you have an API relationship.

  • The Get API access link directs you to a separate screen with API credentials.

  • The Learn more link directs you to API documentation.

  • The View items link directs you to the API login screen to login and begin searching for catalogs.


All feeds listed are as up-to-date and current as provided by the brand.

Additional resources

Downloading product catalog files

For more information on the different catalog file downloading options, visit our  Product Catalog Delivery Options for Partners article.

Product feed format details

To view further information regarding the fields, their formats, descriptions and more, have a look at this Product Feed Format Detail Spreadsheet.

Setting Product Catalog Preferences and Notifications

For more on setting up catalog update notifications and setting product catalog preferences by compression type, visit our Setting Product Catalog Preferences and Notifications article.

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