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Find & Apply to Brands

The Brands Marketplace is where you can find brands and apply to partner with them. Forming multiple partnerships helps you drive more traffic for brands that align with your promotional channels and audience. These partnerships increase revenue for you and your partnered brands. You'll need to join the Brands Marketplace before you can find and apply to brands.

If you're a creator, allows you to apply to either a brand's Performance program or its creator campaign. This article only explains how to apply as a partner to a brand's program. To work with a brand as a creator, see Join Creator Campaigns instead.

Find brands

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Brands.

  2. Select Find Brands.

    • This option will not appear unless you have applied to the Brands Marketplace.

    • Want to find brands based on the products they offer? See the Apply to brands via the Product Marketplace section below.

Navigate around the marketplace

The marketplace navigation bar provides quick access to many screens and can help you keep your partnership creation efforts organized.




View brands that recommends for you, as well as brands that have joined the Brands Marketplace recently.

All Brands

See all brands on the Brands Marketplace. Here, you can filter and search for brands.

My Brands

Keep track of your partnered brands. Here you can also find brand contact information.


Review which brands you have applied to partner with.

Upcoming Changes

View brands that have any upcoming changes in their contract terms.


See what brands you favorited during your previous marketplace searches.


Discover brands that have recently joined the Marketplace.

Filter for specific kinds of brands

The left navigation menu shows filters you can use to sort any given list of brands you're viewing. Select plus-circle-solid__1_.svg [Plus] to expand the filter and toggle its settings.




You can filter brands by their industry. Select an industry before further refining your search with the other subcategories. Selecting a category will add all subcategories to your search results. To deselect a subcategory, do so from under the marketplace navigation bar.


Which stage in the application process you are with a given brand.

  • Invited

  • Applied

  • Joined

  • Not applied

  • Pre-Qualified

Payout Model

What the brand will pay out for—an online sale/CPA, a lead, an app install, etc. Refer to the brand's terms for specific details.


Which program features the brand currently employs or provides access to. has brands that adhere to ITP standards, for example.

Brands can also provide unique promo codes, have websites that are responsive to mobile devices, and allow you to modify their ads for deep linking.

Service Areas

The countries where the brand can service customers (i.e., sell products or services).

Asset Types

The types of ads that the brand has ready for you to host.

  • Image

  • Email

  • Sponsored Text

  • Text Link

  • Long Sponsored Text

  • Coupon

  • Article

  • Video

  • Flexi Ad

Learn more about a brand

Once you find a brand you are interested in partnering with, select their icon to learn more about their program.

Brand insights

Access a high-level profile of each brand such as its social pages, About information, and other statistics.




A brief description of what the brand is about.

Who we’re looking for

Ideal characteristics of a suitable partner.

Preferred business models

A brand’s preferred partner promotional methods.

30 Day EPC

View how much the brand's current partners earn on average from each click.


See the percentage of applications this brand has replied to in the past 7 days.


See the percentage of applications this brand has approved in the past 7 days.

Funding Status

See how often the brand has funded its account enough to pay its partners the full earned amount at the agreed-upon time.

Program promotion reference



View Terms

View the brand’s terms, like payout details, credit policy, referral window, and more.

Promotional information

View any promotional information that the brand has to offer.

Program details reference



Where we service

The geographical regions this program focuses on.

How we track

The available tracking methods the program uses:

  • Unique Promo Code Tracking

    • View if the brand has set up promo code tracking. This tracks whenever a promo code is used during checkout.

  • Mobile Site

    • See if the brand has a mobile site set up. This would likely mean they have ads that are mobile site compatible.

  • Mobile Apps

    • See if the brand has a mobile app. This would likely mean the brand has ads that drive app installations.

  • Pixel Piggyback

    • The brand allows you to place piggyback pixels on their ads.

  • Deep Linking

    • See if this program lets partners deep link.

More program details

Any additional information you might need to promote the brand:

  • Product Catalog

    • See if the brand has created at least one product catalog.

  • Allow Trademark

    • You can bid with other partners for terms that the brand has trademarked. This would be useful for keywording in SEO efforts.

  • Payouts on Gift Cards

    • The brand will pay out based on consumers using gift cards during checkout.

  • Open To Placements

    • The brand allows and is willing to pay for ad placements.

  • Sell on Amazon

    • The brand has products available on Amazon.

  • Open To Influencers

    • The brand is open to working with influencers.

Date joined

View the date this program started on

External links

Any links a brand wants to share with a partner, e.g., a link to a product collection, FAQs, or a sample landing page.

About the company

Where the company is situated, as well as other relevant information such as the web address.

Note: There are brands you're pre-qualified to work with. Use the Brands to work with instantly widget on the Dashboard page, or learn more about the widget here.

Apply to brands via the Brands Marketplace

  1. From the top navigation bar select BrandsFind Brands.

  2. From the Marketplace navigation bar, select All Brands.

  3. If you want to apply to a single brand, hover over the brand's logo, then select Apply.

    • In the pop up, review the brand's contract terms. Optionally, add a note explaining why you want to work with the brand.

    • Select Apply to submit your application.

  4. If you want to apply to multiple brands simultaneously, first review each brand individually, then check the check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checkbox] in the upper-left corner of the brands’ marketplace tiles. (You may select a maximum of 10 brands.)

  5. Select the Apply button just below the top navigation bar.

  6. You can view the selected brands’ contract terms in the pop-up that follows, and if you are ready to proceed, select Apply to Selected Brands.

Apply to brands via the Product Marketplace

The Product Marketplace is a brand discovery tool that allows partners to discover and apply to new brands via the products that the brands have on offer.

  1. From the top navigation bar select Products → Find Products.

  2. Select Explore our Product Marketplace to view all products.

  3. Select the icon of a product you are interested in, then select Apply to brand.

    • Alternatively, select plus-solid__1_.svg [Add] alongside the product name.

  4. Once you have read the Payout terms, select check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checked box] to indicate that you understand you will be legally bound to the terms if the brand accepts your application.

    • Optionally, add a note explaining why you want to work with the brand.

  5. Select Apply.

    • Once your application to join the brand's program is accepted, you will be able to get your unique tracking link to the brand's products.

Note: After you apply to a brand, a clock-regular.svg [Clock] will appear next to its name in the Brands Marketplace. will notify the brand that you've applied to become a partner, and the brand will review your application. If the brand accepts your application, the clock-regular.svg [Clock] will turn into a check-circle-solid.svg [Checkmark]. If the brand declines your application, the clock-regular.svg [Clock] will disappear. You'll receive an email once the brand makes its decision.

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