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Extended Search Overview

Extended Search automates partner discovery by searching through the marketplace and outside the network. This search functionality uses frequent keyword searches across popular search engines to regularly find and present you with new relevant partners. Extended search can be paired with's Prospects functionality by adding partners to your prospecting workflows.


  • Accelerates revenue growth

  • Reaches beyond partners in the network and diversify your partner portfolio

  • Saves time by automating partner discovery

  • Consolidates discovery efforts into a unified platform

Best practices

Extended search is a powerful partner prospecting tool, here are quick tips on how you can get the most out of it.

  1. Consider and list an ideal target prospect profile.

  2. Identify keywords for which your target prospect might be searching.

  3. Set up a search with your keywords.

  4. Review results and add the partners you’re interested in into Prospects.

    • View and filter extended search results

    • Review extended search results

  5. Revisit your extended searches and their results weekly.

    • Edit, pause, or delete extended searches

Visit our Extended Search Best Practices article for a more comprehensive look at best practices.

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