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View & Filter Extended Search Results

You can view and filter search results through your specific extended searches or the main results screen.

The Results screen aggregates all the results from your created extended searches. Here, you can search, filter and review the search results.


To prevent overwhelming results, searches are automatically paused if there are 100 unreviewed search results. With the goal of preventing ineffective searches, searches are also paused when they return less than 5 results.

  1. From the left navigation panel, select discover-icon__vf08ef31.svg [Discover]Extended SearchResults.

    • Alternatively, select My Searches and select your extended search name.

  2. Use the filter panel to filter specific search results. Select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] to add additional filters. Refer to the Filter descriptions table for more information.

    Filter descriptions



    Name, ID, email, media properties

    Filter the extended searches by name, ID, email, or media properties.

    Added Date

    The date on which the extended search result got added.

    Partner Status

    Select the specific partner status according to which you want to filter.

    Status descriptions



    Extended Results

    This partner is not yet part of the network.


    This partner has driven Actions or Commissions on within the last year.


    This partner became Marketplace Verified within the last 90 days.


    This partner hasn't driven any Actions or Commissions within the last year.


    This listing is not Marketplace Verified.


    This partner has not yet driven any Actions or Commissions (queried back to the last 5 years).


    Display search results according to the following results:

    • New partners

    • Viewed partners

    • Partners added to prospects

    • Partners you're not interested in

    My Searches

    Filter according to a specific search you created. All your created extended searches will appear in the dropdown.


    This filter is only available if you are reviewing results from the Results screen.

    Business Models

    Filter by business model.

    Partner Sizes

    Filter by specific partner size.


    Select the specific channel(s) a partner uses to promote content. E.g., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or podcasts.

    Promotional Areas

    Select the areas in which the partner promotes.


    Filter by the country in which the partner is located.

    Audience Countries

    Select the partner's audience location.

Sort extended search results

You can use the following icons above the extended search results table to sort results, add more column headings, or alter your viewing options.

long-arrow-alt-up-solid.svg [Up arrow]

Sort extended search results according to:

  • Relevance

  • Name: A - Z

  • Added Date

columns-solid__1_.svg [Columns]

Add or remove column headers.

th-solid.svg [Grid view] / bars-solid.svg [List view]

Alter between viewing extended search results as a grid or as a list.

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