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Partner Size Rating Criteria

Partner size ratings are determined by using external sources and data.

These factors interact with each other and reflect each partner’s individual business in different ways.

How are external sources used?

For partners who provide one or more valid media properties, the partner size will reflect data queried on a monthly basis from external sources to determine partner size:

  1. Corporate Entities: Estimated annual revenue and employee count

  2. Web Domains: Monthly website traffic

  3. Influencer Accounts: Audience size across all platforms

  4. Apps: Downloads and ratings

How is data used?

For partners who have been active on, the partner size will reflect daily aggregations of recent partner activity:

  1. Amount of actions/sales driven and payouts earned
    The internal rating is affected by payouts per program and total programs.
  2. Number of productive partnerships and the amount of activity

Partner size scale

These rating numbers to size act as guidelines to estimate the partner size.

  • Followers: 50

  • Site visits: 100

  • App downloads: 200

  • Annual corporate revenue: $1,000

  • Annual payouts/program: $50

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