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Expire Partner Contracts

Account Users with the Expire Partner user permission can expire individual or multiple active partner contracts.

What to expect

  • Expiring a partner's contract will end your terms with them and remove them from your program. If you don't want to end a partnership just yet, consider switching their contract instead.

  • Locked actions with a scheduled clearing date will still remain, meaning commissions for past actions are still due to the partner.

  • Pending actions can be automatically reversed when expiring a partner’s contract, or you can reverse them later.

  • Clicks for active links are still tracked if the partner hasn't removed them. However, they won't get credit for any conversions.

    When expiring the contract, remind the partner to remove all associated links.

  • If you want to work with an expired partner again in the future, you can invite them to re-apply (or propose a new contract).

Expire one or more partner contracts

Partners are notified automatically via email when their contract with your brand is expiring — you'll also have the option to leave a message for the partner, which they'll receive via email.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Partners → Partners.

  2. Select [Checked box] next to the partner(s) you want to expire, then select Contract → Expire.

  3. On the Expire screen, configure the following options:


    Select View Partners to view a list of the partner(s) that will have their contract expired.

    Expire On

    Use the calendar dropdown to select the date when the contract will expire — this will occur at 23:59:59 (11:59:59 PM on the selected day in your account's timezone).

    Withdraw All Switches

    Select this option if you wish to withdraw any pending contract proposals or scheduled contract switches that may exist with this partner. If left unchecked, proposals (or scheduled contract switches) will remain honored.

    Reverse All Existing Pending Actions

    Select this option if you wish to reverse any current pending actions attributed to this partner.


    Select this option if you wish to internally mark this partner as being expired for non-compliance.


    Use the text box to leave a comment to the partner — they'll receive this via email.

  4. Select Expire.

  5. Read the warning prompt carefully, then select I understand, continue to expire the partner's contract.

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