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Review Contract Proposals You've Sent

The Proposals screen is where you can review contract proposals that you’ve sent to partners. From this screen, you can view the profile of partners and the terms of the contract proposed. You can also Withdraw from the terms proposed.

View & process proposals

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Partners → Proposals Sent.

  2. You can filter through the proposals.

    • See the Filter reference section below for more information about these filters.

  3. In the Partner ID column, select the name of the partner to view their profile.

    • Alternatively, you can hover your cursor over the proposal’s line item and select  [More] → View Terms to view the proposed terms.

  4. Once you’ve reviewed the proposed terms you can then process the proposal using the Actions [Drop-down menu] at the top-right of the screen. You can Withdraw your proposal or download the terms from here. 

Filter reference



Search bar

You can search for proposals to specific partners by searching their Name, ID, URL, or Email.

Contract term

Filter proposals by selecting the name of the proposed terms.


A [Countered icon] will appear next to the contract term if you countered a partner's application.

Sent On

Filter sent proposals by a date range.

Partner Status

Filter proposals sent to New, Joined, or All partners.

Partner Size

Filter proposals sent by the size of the partner. Learn more about partner sizes.

Business Model

Filter sent proposals by the business model of the partners.


Filter sent proposals by the marketing properties of the partners.

Bulk withdraw proposals

  1. Select [Checkbox] next to the Partner IDs of all the partner proposals you want to withdraw.

    • Select [Checked box] Select All to withdraw all the proposals.

  2. Under the filter options, select Withdraw.

  3. In the Withdraw pending contract terms window, review the partner proposals you want to withdraw and add an optional comment, then select Withdraw.

    • Partners will receive the comment as an email while non-joined partners won't be notified of the withdrawal.

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