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Configure Cost per Click for Your Program

A Cost per Click (CPC) event type allows you to track and pay out for clicks to your website. These clicks will translate into actions, which you can then review to screen out and reject the invalid clicks before they are paid out.

Before you begin

Before you can start tracking and paying out clicks to your website, reach out to your CSM (or contact support) to get your CPC tracking event type set up. Only 1 CPC event type is allowed per program.

Add a click payout to your template terms

This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!

A click payout is configured when managing your template terms. You can add it when creating new terms or modifying existing template terms.


If you add a click payout to existing template terms that are active, all partners signed to the contract will be notified and prompted to accept your new terms. After the change notice period, any previously signed partners will be added to the contract automatically.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Contracts → Template Terms.

  2. To create new terms with a click payout:

    • Select Create New Terms from the top-right. Specify the template term details and be sure to select your newly added click event type.

  3. Alternatively, to modify existing terms for a click payout:

    • Find the template terms in the table, in the Actions column, select  [Menu] → Modify Terms.

  4. Below the Currency field, select  [Add] Add another Event Type.

  5. Select your newly created Click Event Type.

  6. Fill out the remaining fields.

    • See the Click payout field reference section below for more information on these fields.

  7. At the bottom of the page, select Save.

Click payout field reference



Default Payout

This is the default payout if no payout groups, adjustments, restrictions, or performance bonuses apply to the action. Set the fixed payout value per click.

Dynamic Bidding

Enable this setting to have the payout for a click be set by a product in your product catalog. The Product Bid amount sourced from the item’s catalog listing will override your default payout amount. Where no Product Bid amount exists, your Default Payout amount will be paid.

Payout Groups

You can set up Referral Traffic Types that can apply different payout rates for each trafcat parameter you apply to your assets. Any Traffic Category you add as metadata to your assets will be a trafcat parameter on the ad.

Payout Restrictions

You can specify conditions that won't generate a payout. E.g., if the Derived Country is South Africa, then a payout will not be generated for that action.


You can specify daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or contractual length limits for payouts and clicks.

Action Locking

Specify how many days after the end of the month that they are tracked that click actions should lock.

Payout Scheduling

Schedule when you want to pay for the click actions after they lock. E.g., 10 days after the end of the day they are invoiced.

Cost Per Click reports

A click event type collects all clicks generated by a partner in a day and aggregates it in a single CPC action. Below are two reports you can use to manage and track the cost of your click actions.

Pending clicks

You can accept or reject clicks from the Pending Clicks screen, which allows you to effectively screen out invalid clicks. Clicks that are not rejected will be added to the action reported for that day. Learn more about the Pending Clicks screen.

Click Tracker CPC Payouts

You can see the final cost per click in the Click Tracker CPC Payouts Report.

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