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Promotional Themes for Ads

Ads can have promotional themes, like seasons or holidays, attached to them. This would not only help you organize ads by what time of the year the ad is for but partners can also find these ads easier to use in their own marketing efforts.

Select promotional themes

You can select a promotional theme every time you create a new ad.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Content → Ads.

  2. In the top right corner, select Create Ad [Drop-down menu].

  3. Select the ad you want to create.

  4. Under Promotional Themes, select the theme you want to add.


    These themes are based on the time of year or holidays. Summer, St.Patrick's Day, and Back to School are some of the options you have to select from here.

    Top Seller

    If the ad is for a specific product or service, you can signal to your partner that what is being advertised is a top seller.

  5. Select Save . Selecting [Drop-down menu] will give you three options.

    • Save—The ad will be saved and you will be redirected to the Manage Ads screen.

    • Save and create another—The ad will be saved and the screen will refresh. From here, you can create another ad of the same type.

    • Save and create another with the same settings—The ad will be saved and the screen will refresh the same settings chosen and toggled. From here, you can create another ad of the same type with similar (or the same) settings.


Seasons can be added and removed at any time.

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