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Expire Contracts with Brands

If you no longer wish to be a part of a brand’s program, you can expire your contract with them.

What to expect

  • Expiring a contract won't reverse any action earnings (tracked but not approved) unless you opt for that when expiring the contract.

    A pop-up message will ask you if you want to reverse any actions when expiring a contract.

    If you opt for this option

    The system will reverse any pending conversions/actions.

    If you don’t opt for this option

    The payouts associated with those pending conversions/actions will still follow the locking and payment terms as set in the contract, even after it has expired.


    Reversing actions can have a direct financial implication of losing commissions.

  • Accounts with active contracts cannot be deactivated. All active contracts have to be expired.

  • You can reapply to a brand after expiring their contract, but you’ll need to go through the standard application and approval process from the brand.

  • Actions may still track and credit you after expiring a contract, but these actions will come through as "outside of terms" due to there being no contract and no commissions can be earned from them.


    For commissions to be assigned to an action there must be an active contract between the brand and partner at the time the action occurs.

Expire a contract with a brand

Follow these steps to expire a contract with a brand.

  1. From the top navigation bar, select BrandsMy Brands.

  2. Find the brand for which you want to expire a contract, then More…Expire Contract.

  3. You can view your contract details for the last time or send this partnered brand a message before you cancel the contract. When ready, select Expire.

  4. Read the warning prompt carefully, then select I understand, continue to expire the brand's contract.

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