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View Your Subscription & Usage Details

The Subscription screen shows information about your subscription and the fees related to it and allows you to download your order form in PDF format.

View your subscription summary

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Finance.

  2. On the Overview screen, view your subscription widget showing a summary of your subscription.

    • Your monthly subscription fee

    • Your subscription period

    • The total purchase price variance (PPV) allotment used during the subscription period. Refer to the usage details section for more information.

View your subscription details

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Finance.

  2. Next, on the left, select Subscription.

View the Details and Subscription Fee reference sections below for more information about the fields on this screen.

Details reference


The name of the edition to which you are subscribed. Optionally, select Download Order Form to download your order form.

Subscription Period

The start and end dates of your subscription.

Renewal Period

The date on which your subscription will automatically renew and the start and end dates of the new subscription period.

Subscription Fee reference

Monthly Subscription Fee

Details about your subscription fee, associated payment dates, and how much *Payment Processing Volume is included in your subscription.

*The value of payments that can be processed on per month without incurring incremental fees.

Incremental fee for additional usage

An additional fee that is incurred once your usage volumes exceed the agreed contract limit.

View Usage

Select the View Usage button to see more information about Payment Volume usage.

View your usage details

The Plan Usage/Usage screen shows details about your monthly inclusive and incremental or cumulative volume, as well as any incremental usage fees.

See the Column reference below for more information about the columns on this screen.

*The screenshot above is an example of an annual subscription account.

Column reference


The month and year.

Inclusive Volume

The available payment volume, based on your contract.

Volume for the month (for annual subscription accounts)

A total of the volume used during the month.

Total Volume Used

A total of the volume used during the month.

Cumulative Volume (for annual subscription accounts)

The volume accrued over a year.

Incremental Volume

The amount by which the volume exceeds the inclusive volume.

Incremental Usage Fee

Fees related to excess usage.


Either Estimate for the current month, or Final for previous months.

A status of Estimate indicates that values may still change, while Final means that the values are not expected to change.

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