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How are Volume Usage Rates Calculated? uses Payment Processing Volume (PPV) as a metric to measure the number of payments that we process for your program. When your processed volume exceeds your purchased PPV tier, we may assess Incremental Volume Fees (or Overage Fees).

The short version

  • keeps a running tally of the actual PPV we process for your program(s) each month.

  • At the end of the month, compares your actual PPV to your purchased PPV tier.

  • If the actual PPV for your program(s) exceeds your allotted PPV, we’ll calculate an Incremental Growth Fee.

Incremental Growth Fee calculation uses the following primary factors when calculating an incremental growth fee:

Your actual PPV value for an applicable period


Purchased PPV for an applicable period


Percentage to be applied to PPV that exceeds the Purchased PPV volume


Incremental Growth Fee



  • For a standard monthly payment processing volume, Incremental Growth Fees are calculated as follows: 15.4% of the additional Monthly Payment Processing Volume (e.g., additional Payment Processing incremental volume of $10,000 x 0.154 = $1,540).

    Let’s say you have a standard tier of Monthly Payment Processing Volume of $17,500. Within a given month, we tally up that we’ve processed $20,000 worth of payments for your account.

    The incremental growth fee is calculated as such ($20,000 - $17,500) 15.4% = $385.

    This amount will be added as an additional line item on the next invoice.

Types of payments

The term Payment Processing Volume (PPV) includes all processing volume for the following transactions processed through

Type of payment


Action costs

Costs associated with paying for actions; namely commissions.

Performance bonuses

Additional performance bonuses paid in addition to commissions.

Minimum EPC costs

Costs associated with minimum earnings per clicks (EPC).

Slotting fees

Costs associated with partners that charge slotting or placement fees.

Partner Funds Transfers

Funds that are transferred to partner(s).

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