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Create a New Action Inquiry as a Partner

Create an action inquiry

This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!
  1. From the top navigation bar, select your wallet amount.

  2. From the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu], select Action Inquiries.

  3. On the Inquiries screen, select Create New Inquiry.

  4. Fill out the fields using the Create new inquiry fields reference below for guidance.

  5. Select Save to submit your action inquiry to the brand.

Create new inquiry fields

Field name



Inquiry ID


Optionally, create an identifier for your action inquiry—this will be for your own reference. The field accepts numbers and letters.



Use the radio buttons to select the brand associated with this action inquiry.

Order Id


Input the order Id (OID) value associated with the action. This value can be found in the Action Listing report as the OID.

Sale Amount


Enter the transaction amount that was recorded for the order. You cannot create an action inquiry for any action exceeding a 5,000,000 Sale Amount. This numeric limit applies to all currencies.

Transaction Date


Enter the date on which the transaction for this action occurred in ISO 8601 format. Example: 2016-09-15T00:00:00+02:00



Use the dropdown to select the type of action inquiry:

  • Order not tracked

  • Order tracked incorrectly

  • Order incorrectly rejected

Expected Payout


Optionally, enter the payout you expected to receive for driving the action.

Resolution Deadline


Optionally, enter a deadline for the brand by when this inquiry should be resolved.

Customer ID


If available, enter the SubId value of the customer, used to track the status of the inquiry.

Tracking Link


If available, enter the tracking link associated with this action.



Optionally, add any notes to offer context behind your action inquiry.

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