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Manage Submitted Action Inquiries as a Partner

If you believe you were not properly credited for an action (aka conversion, like an online sale/CPA or app install), you can create an Action Inquiry. You can provide the missing order details to the brand for review.

Brands can approve or decline the action inquiries that you submit. The Status column on the Inquiries screen will display the resolution status for the transaction. Learn more about action inquiry notifications.

Important: Only cashback/loyalty partners can access this feature and submit action inquiries. If you're a cashback/loyalty partner who can't see this feature, contact support

Access action inquiries

This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!
  1. From the top navigation bar, select your wallet amount.

  2. From the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu], select Action Inquiries.

  3. Filter your submitted inquiries using the filters above the Inquiries table.

    • See the Inquiries filter reference below for more info about these filters.

  4. At the top-right of the Inquiries table, you can select download-solid.svg [Download] to download a CSV file of your inquiries. You can use the filters to curate a list of inquiries to download.

  5. Optionally, select columns-solid__1_.svg [Columns] at the top-right of the Inquiries table to add or remove columns from the table.

    • See the Inquiries table reference below for more info about the columns.

Inquiries filter reference



Inquiry, Customer ID search box

Filter inquiries by searching for a specific Inquiry Id.


Filter inquiries by brand by selecting one or more of your partnered brands.


Filter inquiries by the reason you selected when creating the inquiry:

  • All

  • Order not tracked

  • Order tracked incorrectly

  • Order incorrectly rejected


Filter inquiries by their resolution status:

  • All

  • New

  • Approved

  • Rejected

  • Incomplete

Inquiries reference table

Column name


Inquiry Id

The unique identifier you created for the action inquiry.

Order Id

The unique identifier for the order associated with the action inquiry. Enter this value to find a specific order.

Transaction Date

The date on which the transaction occurred.


The brand associated with the action inquiry.

Sale Amount

The transaction amount that was recorded for the order.

Expected Payout

The amount you entered as your expected commission for the conversion.

Auto Approval Date

If the brand sets up an automatic approval rule, the date on which the inquiry will automatically be approved will appear here.

Submission Date

The date on which you submitted the action inquiry.


The resolution status:

  • New: Any new action inquiries not yet reviewed by a brand.

  • Approved: The inquiry was approved by the brand and you will receive your payout.

  • Declined/Rejected: The brand determined that an action didn't take place and specified a reason for the rejection. You may see “Declined - This transaction has been tracked successfully." This message means that the action was tracked successfully but was credited to another partner—select Close to close this inquiry.

  • Incomplete: The brand needs more information to process the action inquiry.

Resolved Date

The date on which the action inquiry was processed and assigned an Approved or Declined status by the brand.

Final Payout

The final payout you receive after the action inquiry is reviewed. This amount can differ from the expected payout that you entered.

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