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Manage Reports

When you view a report and change any settings, you can save your report view and schedule it to run and be delivered to you. Learn how to save reports and schedule various reports so that you always have the latest data for your account and programs.

Additional reports

Additional reports provide information relevant to account administration, quality analysis, ads, batch uploads, and media partners. Each additional report has a name with a corresponding description of what the report displays.

You can view additional reports in Reports → My Reports → Additional.


If you have any questions about specific additional reports, contact support.

Manage Reports

You can change which reports are displayed in the left navigation menu.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Reports.

  2. On the report's screen, modify view settings to your desired preferences.

  3. Select Manage Reports.

  4. For a given report, select [Edit] next to a heading or report.

  5. Select [Toggle] to enable or disable a report being shown in the left navigation menu.


Any modifications you make to the Manage Reports section will only be reflected for your login and not all users of the account.

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