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Set Payout Rules Using Payout Groups

An option contained within template terms, Payout Groups are a way to set rules on partner payouts for actions they drive.

When an order (or item sale) is tracked, goes down the list of payout groups line-by-line until the system finds one that applies—only one payout group can apply at a time. Customized payout groups work best when they're mutually exclusive, so if payout groups have overlapping conditions, place the more specific payout group criteria (e.g., "Customer Status is New & Order Total ≥ $200") at the top, and the more common criteria (e.g., "Order Total ≥ $200") near the bottom.

Commas in your payout group criteria will not combine the two criteria (e.g., Item Category is ACME, Roadrunning will be interpreted as Item Category is ACME OR Roadrunning). You can get around this by placing quotation marks around your rule containing a comma (Item Category is "ACME,Roadrunning").

If a payout group's condition is met, it will apply the payout change at the same level (order or item) as the template term's default payout. For example, if your default payout applies a payout at the item level, any applicable payout groups for an action will also be applied at the item level. View the payout group's Payout column to see exactly how the payout group will change the order's or item's payout.

Add a payout group to a template term

This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!

Payout groups are usually added when you create a template term, but you can always switch out contracts later.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Contracts → Template Terms.

  2. Create a template term.

  3. Next to Event Type, select the event type this template term will be for.

  4. Next to Payout Groups, toggle [Toggle on] Set up customized payout groups.

  5. To add payout groups one at a time, select Add New

    • Select the payout group rule(s) from the first drop-down menu.

    • Select how the rule should apply to your payout group.

    • Enter the payout amount.

    • In the bottom right corner of the modal, select Add.


      If you add multiple rules to one payout group, all rules must apply for the payout group to apply.

  6. To create another group, select Add new again. If you have multiple rules, you can click and drag them around to change their rank.

  7. Continue creating your template term.


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