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Widget Editor Overview

Your Advocate program offers a pick-and-plop editor that allows you to customize the look and contents of the widgets presented to your customer advocates.

Widget editor interface

The self-serve widget editor has four main areas:

The menu bar at the top of the page is where you can undo actions, view the HTML code, and preview the finished widget. Use the desktop, tablet, or mobile icons to see how your widget will appear on devices with different screen sizes.

Advocate - Widget Editor


The widget has two layers of validation to check for errors in component placement and component properties. Common reasons for receiving an error message include:

  • Missing a required field

  • Choosing an invalid color

  • Entering an invalid URL

When you have unresolved errors, a warning message displays at the top right of the canvas that notifies you of how many errors were found.

View unresolved error details

  1. Select Details for a brief explanation of what went wrong.

  2. Go to the component with the error by either:

    • Selecting Open Layers

    • Selecting the error explanation message

  3. Find the component with the error. It will be marked with a red exclamation mark icon.

  4. Select the component to open the properties in the Edit bar.

  5. Make the required changes.

Learn more about Customizing Program Widgets.

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