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View Your Account’s Funding Requirements

The Finance Overview screen shows a breakdown of:

Funding Account

The amount you need to deposit into your funding account to meet your obligations. This section highlights any overdue costs using a standard 45-day funding horizon.

Transaction Summary

The balance of your funding account and the amounts you'll need to stay appropriately funded given current transactions in the system through a 45-day window.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select [Menu] → Finance.

  2. On the Overview screen, view your required funding and transaction summary.

    Funding Account reference

    Total amount overdue + Total Pending Amount = Required Funding Amount

    Amount overdue (Past Due)

    Your total outstanding payments and the earliest date they became overdue.

    Pending Payments

    Your total upcoming costs and the date on which the next payment is due.

    Pending payments are all fees and partner costs processed that are set to clear within the next 45 days. These payments include contract costs, whether they're locked or not, as well as scheduled Partner Funds Transfers.

    Required Funding

    The total amount required to settle all your outstanding and pending payments.


    If there are no overdue payments, only Required Funding and the required deposit date will display.

    Transaction Summary reference

    Line item


    Current Balance

    Your current Funding Account balance.

    Pending Deposit

    The total of any pending Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments that have not yet cleared.


    These payments take 3–5 business days to process after initiating the deposit. fees - Past Due

    The total of outstanding fees.

    Select Fees to view a drill down of the invoice details with an Overdue status.

    Partner payments - Past Due

    Partner payments, including locked contract costs and processed Partner Funds Transfers that reached their scheduled clearing date but could not be settled due to insufficient funds in your funding account.

    Select Partner Payments to view a drill down of the Overdue Partners Payments invoice details.

    Pending fees

    The total of upcoming fees.

    Select Fees to view a drill down of the invoice details with a Not Due status.

    Pending Partner Payments

    The total upcoming partner payments. These payments include costs set to clear within the next 45 days, whether they're locked or not.

    Select Partner Payments to view a drill down of the Upcoming Partner Payments invoice details.

    Required Funding

    The total funds needed to cover all your pending and overdue payments.

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