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Bulk Add Payout Groups to a Template Term

If you know which payout groups you want to create, you can bulk upload them to the template term.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Contracts → Template Terms.

  2. Create a template term.

  3. Next to Event Type, add the event type this template term will be for.

  4. To bulk add payout groups, select Import.

    • Upload a .XLS, .XLSX, or .CSV file.

    • See the Payout Group File Format for accepted values and an example file.

    • If you have multiple rules, you can click and drag them around to change their rank after you upload them.

    • To set multiple rules in one rank, put each rule in square brackets ( [] ), and connect them with AND.


    The file format you submit must include these columns: Payout Type, Payout Value, Rules, and Bonus. The column headers need to be an exact match. For example, if you input "Rule" instead of "Rules", the submission will result in an error

  5. Continue creating your template term.

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