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Set Payout Limits

You can limit either the payout for an action or the amount of payable actions by setting a Limit. These limits restrict payouts for actions at the order level.

See the steps below if you want to add a limit to an existing set of template terms.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Contracts → Template Terms.

  2. Find the template term you want to add a payout limit to, then, under Actions, select [Drop-down menu] → Modify Terms.

  3. Next to Limits, [Toggle on] Specify limits on payable items.

  4. Set up your limit.

    • See the payout limit types below for more information on each kind of payout limit.

  5. Select if you want to include a weekend limit in the limit, then enter what you want the override limit to be.

    • The number you choose here will replace the regular limit you set.

Payout limit types

Set the maximum payout a partner can receive, then select if the payout limit is for the entire contract between you and a partner (All), if the limit will be applied on a per order basis, or will be applied on a per customer basis.

If you decide to set the payout limit to apply to the entire contract or on a per customer basis, you can set when payouts that contribute to the limit will reset. These are the options:

  • Per Day

  • Per Week

  • Per Month

  • Per Quarter

  • For Duration of Contract

If you are modifying a set of template terms and are updating the payout limits for the template terms, you can check [Unchecked box] Reset accrued spending for all partners. If you enable this option, the new payout limit will be implemented from the modification start date. If you leave the option disabled, the new payout limit will be applied from the original contract start date.

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