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Optimize Channel Setup Scenario Examples

The resources listed below introduce foundational concepts needed to set up Optimize Rules to Identify. In this article, you can view several scenarios and will see how those foundational concepts are applied. This will illustrate the recommended ways to apply what you have learned.

First, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the following resources before moving on:

Setup scenarios

You most likely employ some type of paid search into your marketing mix, and likely are active on multiple search engines. This scenario will assume that the paid search media sources employed are Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Search, and Baidu. The tagging strategy for each media source is as follows:





Within Optimize, you should capture this set of circumstances as one Paid Search channel with the following Rule To Identify:

Rule Target

Rule Value 1

Rule Logic

Rule Value 2

Landing Page Parameter


Exactly Matches


This Rule will correctly identify traffic from all 4 search engines and associate it to your Paid Search Optimize Channel.

Marketing tactics

You should consider your marketing tactic (i.e., how you plan on reaching an audience) when determining how you will set up a channel within your Optimize solution. Below is a list of examples of each category.

Earned Media

The types of audience sharing, namely:

  • Mentions

  • Shares

  • Reposts

  • Reviews

Paid Media

The types of advertising, namely:

  • Search

  • Display

  • Retargeting

  • Paid Influencers

  • Paid Content

  • Social Media Ads

Owned Media

The types of Media Properties, namely:

  • Website

  • Mobile Site

  • Blog Site

  • Social Media Channels

Common channels

The list below contains suggestions of the Channels you might configure in Optimize. While this list is not exhaustive, it will be a good start to begin grouping your partners and media into different Channels.

  • Comparison/Product Listing Ads

  • Display

  • Email

  • Organic Search

  • Organic Social

  • Paid Search

  • Paid Social

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