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Subscription Add-Ons Explained offers a wide range of product add-ons that enhance your partnership capabilities.

How can I subscribe to add-ons?

If you're interested in purchasing add-ons, you can do so in-app. See the Manage your subscription section below to learn which add-ons are available to upgrade in-app.

Alternatively, you can reach out to your CSM (or contact support) for assistance with purchasing add-ons not yet available to upgrade in-app.

For how long are add-ons valid?

Once you purchase an add-on, the subscription fee start at the beginning of the next calendar month. Your add-on subscription will run concurrently with your partnership cloud subscription and is subject to the same renewal terms.

Can I cancel my add-on subscription?

Your add-on subscriptions are tied to your Partnership Cloud™ subscription and are subject to the same termination clauses in your Partnership Cloud™ agreement.


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