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Get the Optimize Add-On

Don't know what your customers' journeys really look like? Not sure if you're crediting the right partners? Need deeper insights into your sales funnel, marketing channels, and brand segment benchmarks? Get the Optimize add-on!

Check finance settings

  1. From the left navigation bar, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Finance.

  2. Check if you have the Subscription feature listed in your left navigation menu.

    • If Subscription isn't listed in the menu, contact support to have the feature enabled for your account.

    • If Subscription is listed in the menu, you can proceed with the instructions below.


Subscribe to Optimize

  1. From the left navigation bar, select optimize-icon__v4346847.svg OptimizeAdd Optimize.

  2. Select your preferred plan, e.g., Standard, then select Choose Plan.

    • In the pop-up that appears, read the Pricing, Subscription Period, and Authorization agreement of your chosen plan.

  3. Under Authorisation, select check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checked box] I am authorized to perform this action on the organization's behalf.

  4. Select Confirm.

  5. Once you've confirmed your subscription, select Create ticket to onboard for Optimize.

    •'s Onboarding team will contact you and assist you through the process of setting up your channels with Optimize.

  6. Optionally, watch the videos provided near the bottom of the screen or see our Optimize Startup Guide for more information.



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