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How Do I Close My Partner Account?

To close an account, all partnership contracts must be expired and all funds must be cleared from the account. After the account is cleared, create a support ticket and request the deactivation and closure of the account. Both member and partner accounts can be deleted by contacting support, and you can delete as many of your accounts as you want with the same support ticket.

Account administrators can remove users at any time without needing to contact support.


Closing an account is an irreversible action. None of the data will be retrievable once the account is deactivated.

Step 1: Expire a contract

Expire all active contracts before you create a support ticket to close your account.

Step 2: Confirm that all funds have been withdrawn

Similar to contracts, your account must not have any funds currently available nor can it have any funds that will become available or are overdue. Learn how to contact a brand if you have overdue funds.

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Balance.

  2. From the drop-down menu select Withdrawals.



Available Balance

The current balance of your account. These funds can be withdrawn according to your withdrawal settings.

Upcoming Transfers

Scheduled bonuses and make-goods are listed here. These will need to be paid out before you can close your account.

Pending Actions Earnings

Actions that have not met the action-locking data are found here. These will need to lock and be paid out before you can close your account.

Overdue Action Earnings

Funds that are owed to you by your partnered brands. Please reach out to your partnered brands about when payment can be expected.

Account closure FAQs

What happens with my contracts after the closure of my account?

When closes down your account, all your contracts are expired, and any actions from the date of closure onward are rejected.

What happens with links after the closure of my account?

If you have any links still up anywhere, and a customer clicks on that link, they should receive an error stating the link is expired or should be directed to a dead page. If by chance the link is still active, no crediting or tracking will take place and the actions will be rejected.

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