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Submit Conversion Data via FTP or Email

If you're collecting conversion data (i.e., Actions) server-side or through a cookie, you will need to submit your data to so you can visualize your program's performance, attribute credit to partners, and modify or reverse any actions before they lock. The required parameters for Web Actions and Mobile App actions are different. Navigate to Mobile- Specific Parameters for more information on submitting mobile app conversions.

Looking to create a Connection?

If you have Connections turned on for your account, setting up a conversion data pipeline will look different for you. Learn how to create a Connection.

You will be guided through formatting and submitting your conversion data, and this article assumes that you have already begun collecting data. If you need help with collecting conversion data with non-pixel tracking, reach out to your CSM (or contact support). recommends that you refer to the original Technical Integration Plan provided to you by our Technical Services team—this document describes your tracking method and integration.


We strongly recommend that you do not process actions older than 88 days, as currently does not process conversions submitted through FTP that have an event date older than 88 days.

Step 1: Prepare your data

Follow the instructions below to view a template file, add in your conversion data, and save it in a .csv format. The template you need depends on whether you are tracking conversions at the item level (i.e., including the SKU, quantity, etc. of each item in an order) or at the order level (i.e., just tracking orders themselves, not the items within them). You can also submit chained action data.

  1. Select one of the links below to view the .csv file template that matches what level you track actions at.

  2. Add your conversion data to the file.

  3. Append any optional parameters you want to report as new columns in your file.

  4. Save your file in .CSV format with an easily identifiable title and date (e.g., 2020-01-01_ActionData.csv).


For item-level batch files, Order IDs that have multiple associated SKUs must be listed consecutively. Not grouping together line-items with the same Order ID and different SKUs will result in a OID_DUPLICATE error for the SKUs listed farther down the file.

Step 2: Submit your data file

To submit a file to's FTP server, you will need to retrieve account credentials first. Follow the instructions below to learn how to have your existing credentials emailed to you.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. On the right, under Tracking, select Event Types.

  3. Hover over the Event Type for which you want to submit server-side action tracking data, select [More] on the right and select View / Edit.

  4. Next to Returns Processing, select [Edit].

  5. Select Automate returns processing (advanced) → Upload file to system FTP server.

  6. Select Email FTP Username and Password.

  7. Once you have received your FTP credentials, use an FTP client to connect to with the following info:





    (Your case-sensitive FTP Username.)


    (Your case-sensitive FTP Password.)

  8. Once connected, upload your file to the main directory of the server. After a successful upload, go to the Step 3: Review the file submission section below.


If you have not received the FTP credentials email, contact the person who created your account. Alternatively, contact support.

Step 3: Review the file submission

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. In the left column, scroll to the Technical section and select File Submissions.

  3. Use the table to review recent file submissions that has received, including the current processing status.

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