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Create and Deep Link a Tracking Link

The Create a Link widget lets you quickly develop short links or vanity links with built-in tracking capabilities for any of your partnered brands.

If a brand you've partnered with allows deep linking, you can use the Create a Link widget to create short links that can deep-link to a specific page on the brand's website, like a specific product listing.


Double-check your contract to make sure you're eligible for a payout for the product or service you're sending customers, should you decide to deep link that product.

  1. From the Create a Link widget on your dashboard.

  2. Select the brand you want to create a deep-linked tracking link for from the drop-down menu.

  3. Add the deep-linked landing page for this tracking link.

    • You will not be able to do this if the brand does not allow deep linking.

  4. Optionally, select Advanced to add Sub IDs or a Shared ID to the tracking link.

  5. At the bottom of the widget, select the link's URL protocol.

    • https://—The link will only use the secure version of HTTP.

    • http(s)://—The link will attempt to use the secure version of HTTP but will use unsecured HTTP as a fallback.

  6. To create a custom short link (aka a vanity link), select [Edit] and change the text after the forward-slash ( / ). Select [Check] to save your changes.

    • To view all vanity links you've created, at the bottom of the widget, select View All.

  7. Select Create.

Note strongly recommends serving content securely using HTTPS.

Add links to social media

Some social media platforms have restrictions or format requirements when using links. Below are most known restrictions, but you'll also need to research how your platform of choice handles promoting with links. If you run into issues when promoting on social media, you'll need to troubleshoot the issue with that platform.

Social Media Platform



Include the URL protocol (for example, https://) when placing links.


Avoid using generalized short links (like


Links can only be added to a profile's bio or to story posts.


Avoid using generalized short links (like Avoid using tracking links on every Pin.


Do not use white space in links (e.g., https://www.ACME


Links can only be added to business accounts with more than 1,000 followers. If you don't meet these requirements, consider linking your Instagram or YouTube account to TikTok and hosting links on those sites.


No special requirements.


No special requirements.


No special requirements.


No special requirements.

Keep link lengths short

Some social media platforms will shorten or truncate links longer than a certain number of characters (listed below). If your links ends up being longer than these limits, consider creating a vanity link.

Social Media Platform

Link Character Limit


40 characters


19 characters for the domain, 32 characters for the entire link


26 characters


23 characters

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