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How Can I Invite Partners to Join

There are 3 ways you can invite partners into the platform:

You can send them a branded link, a program sign-up link, or you can add them to template terms.

Send them a branded link

For context, this sign-up page will list all your available programs and the partner can apply to any of them.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select [Menu]Settings.

  2. On the left, under AccountBranding, select Sign up Page.

  3. The sign-up link can be found in the Promo Page Link field.

  4. From here, you can either test the link or share it with prospective partners.

Program Sign-up Page

When signing up to your program, one of the first pages your direct partners will see is the sign-up page. You can manage the styling of this page to suit your brand identity.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu]Settings.

  2. On the right, under Branding, select Partner Sign-up page.

    • Refer to the Sign-up page reference table for more information.

  3. Apply the changes and select Save.

Sign-up reference table



Sign-Up Link

Copy the sign-up link that potential partners can use to apply to your program.


Opt-in to have your partners experience the new sign-up flow by selecting Click to upgrade.

  • The upgraded sign-up flow is mobile-friendly, and require more information about who partners are and two-factor authentication.


This partner sign-up flow will be enabled for everyone in early 2023.

Standard Terms

All partner sign-up pages will show's Master Campaign Agreement, so this setting will always be toggled on and no changes can be made to it.

If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement, contact support.

Default Language

Select the language you want your branded links to be in from the drop-down menu.

Partner Vetting

[Toggle on] Partner Vetting to give a partner signing up the option of applying to the marketplace. If they choose to apply, they’ll go through the marketplace vetting process, and if they pass, a blue [Checkmark] will appear by their name.


This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!

Preview Page

Select Open Preview to see how this program's sign-up page currently appears.

Customize Styling

Enter the hex code for colors you want as the font color, link color, etc.

Select Advanced from the first drop-down menu to enter the CSS code for these colors.


Toggle if you want a header on this program's sign-up page. Enter any links to menu items you want in the header, toggle if you want a hero image in your header, and enter a heading and description.

Select Advanced from the first drop-down menu to enter the CSS code for this header.


Toggle if you want a footer on this program's signup page. Enter any links to menu items you want in the header, and enter headings and descriptions.

Select Advanced from the first drop-down menu to enter the CSS code for this footer.

Add partners via template term actions

  1. From the left nav menu, select ContractsTemplate Terms.

  2. In the list, find the template term you want to add partners to and select Actions [Drop-down menu]Add Partners.

  3. On the Add Partners screen, complete each section. Refer to the definition table below for help.



    Media Partners

    Add existing partners

    Use the search box to find partners to add from your existing partner list.

    Add new partners

    Use this option to add partners with whom you have never partnered with before. Select Manually to enter their account details, or select Upload CVS or Excel to upload a that adds partners in bulk.

    Leave the partner ID blank if the partner hasn't joined to the program after completing the signup form.

    Contract Dates

    Start Dates

    Use the dropdown to set the start date for when the template term will take effect.


    Use the dropdown to choose either Ongoing (no defined end date) or Temporary. Use the dropdowns to choose the end date, and then use the checkbox to select if you want to set a fallback template term.

    Approval Options


    Automatically replaces any existing contract a partner may have with you. If you're adding partners before the template term's start date set above, you can select the checkbox to allow the partner to begin these terms before it officially starts.


    Requires the partner to approve the new template term before it goes into effect. Use the checkboxes to set an expiration date (i.e., the partner must approve before this date) and/or to counter offers.

    [Optional] Select [Toggle] Send an ad with this proposal for faster media partner integration if you have an ad ready to go.


    [Optional] Include any additional comments to the partners you're adding to this contract. This message will be sent by email and is limited to 1024 characters.

  4. Select Send to complete the process.

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