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Create a Survey

Surveys allow you to collect information from partners to improve or streamline your business or get to know more about prospective partners’ goals and interests when recruiting them.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Partners → Surveys.

  2. On the Surveys screen, in the upper-right corner, select Create Survey.

  3. Add the survey's name and description.

  4. Select Upload Image to add a cover image for your survey.

  5. Select Add Question to formulate and specify your question details.

    Survey question fields

    1. In the Add Questions modal, formulate your question.


      Your question is limited to 250 characters.

    2. Choose whether you want to use an existing custom field or create a new one.

      • You can create and save custom fields to easily populate your survey questions. E.g., you can create an Age custom field with a number input if you frequently collect data about partners' age.

    3. From the dropdown menu, select a question type.
      Question types include: Paragraph: Open questions with unique answers. Number: Answers that require a number. Checkbox: Answers that require one or multiple option(s). Multiple Choice: Answers that require one of multiple options. Date Picker: Answers that require a date. Drop Down: Multiple answers with multiple selection options hidden in a dropdown menu. File: Any attachment needed from the partner.


      The question type will be populated with a custom field if you chose an existing custom field.

    4. Select the [Checkbox] to make the question mandatory.

    5. Select the [Checkbox] to allow partners to edit their responses after submitting them.

    6. Select Add to add the question.

  6. [Toggle] Schedule Survey Dates to add dates for when the survey starts and ends.

    • You can select a timezone from the dropdown menu.


    If you do not select dates the survey will be available immediately and indefinitely until you disable it.

  7. [Toggle] Restrict Partner Access to only allow specific partners or partner groups to access and reply to the survey.

    • Select the Partners dropdown menu to specify the partners you want to include in your survey.

    • Select the Groups dropdown menu to specify the partner groups you want to include in your survey.

  8. [Toggle] Multiple Responses to allow multiple users from one partner account to respond to the survey.


    If you don't opt for multiple responses, the first user who replies from a partner account will be the only response allowed from that partner account.

  9. Select Save when you're done.

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