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Manage Your Surveys

Once you've created surveys, you can view, filter, edit, and delete them.

View your surveys

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Partners → Surveys.

  2. Search for or filter your creators using the filtering tools below Surveys.

    Filter reference



    Search bar

    Filter your surveys by searching for their name or ID.


    Filter by the partner to whom the survey was sent.


    Filter by the survey's status.
    Statuses include: Active Upcoming Expired

View survey responses

  1. Hover over a survey for which you want to see the responses, then select View Responses.


    The view response option will only appear if the survey has recorded responses.

  2. View the responses as well as other partner details for each question.

    Response information



    Response date

    The date on which the partner responded.

    Partner ID

    The partner's unique identification number.


    The partner's name.

    User Email

    The partner account user's email address.


    The partner's response to the question.

Download the responses

Select Export CSV in the upper-right corner to download the response information as a .csv file.

Edit a survey

  1. Hover over a survey you want to edit, then select [More]Edit.

    • If the survey has no responses, select Edit.

  2. Edit the fields that you want to change.

    • Select [Edit] to edit or [Move] to rearrange the questions.

Delete a survey

  1. Hover over a survey you want to delete, then select [More]Delete.

    • If the survey has no responses, select Delete.

  2. Read the warning message and select OK.


    All your response data will be deleted and the survey will no longer be available to partners.

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