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Review Marketing Development Funds Requests from Partners


This feature is only available to brands that have the Marketing Development Fund (MDF) request feature enabled. To have the feature enabled, reach out to your CSM or contact support.

Marketing Development Funds are funds that you can provide to your partners in support of their marketing initiatives. You can review MDF requests from your partners, approve or reject them, and even initiate a partner funds transfer to send them the funds.

Review MDF requests

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Content → Requests.

  2. From the Request Type filter, select Marketing Development Funds.

  3. Hover your cursor over the request you want to process.

  4. To the right of the screen, select [Menu] → Process.

  5. Review the request details.

  6. Optionally, add a comment to the requesting partner. You can use this comment feature to discuss the request with the partner without having to approve or reject the request.

  7. Once done vetting the request, select Approve, Approve and Transfer Fund, or Rejectto complete the process. The partner will be notified of your decision.

    • Approve—The request will be approved and you will be sent back to the Requests screen where you can then hover over the request and select [Menu] → Complete to initiate the partner funds transfer.

    • Approve and Transfer Funds—The request will be approved and you will be taken to the partner funds transfer screen where you can finalize the details of the transfer before initiating it.

    • Reject—The request will be rejected.

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