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Manage User Roles & Permissions

Every user in your account has a role, and each one has a different level of permissions. Users can be invited and assigned a predefined role, or you can create a custom role for them.

User access can be configured on a per-product and per-program basis, meaning if you use multiple products or manage multiple programs, you can assign users to access only the things they need.


Only Account Administrators or Custom role users with the "Account Users" permission can manage Account User settings.

View Account Users settings

  1. In the bottom left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. On the left side under General, select Account Users.

  3. From here, you can either invite new users using the Invite button in the upper-right, or navigate to the Actions column in the row of the user you want to edit and select [Drop-down menu] → Edit Access Rights.

    • Find more information on predefined User Roles and Permissions below:

      Predefined User Roles

      Account Administrator

      Admins have full access to every aspect of, and manage the account settings.


      Analysts have general view access to most reports and can review contracts. Best for users who mainly need to review and export reports from


      The finance role can view financial reports, manage the account's digital wallets and funding, as well as review contracts and template terms. Best for users who mainly need to add funds and export financial documents from

      Implementation Specialist

      This role is primarily for developers and technical users managing the integration (tracking, code, etc.) with their website and tech stack.

      Performance Marketing Manager / Affiliate Manager

      This role is primarily for performance marketing (and affiliate) managers using on a day-to-day basis that need full access to reports, contracts, and partner features in the platform.


      This role is for customizing the user access level on a granular, permission-by-permission basis. Learn more about creating custom roles below.

      Permissions reference

      Refer to the table below for a description of each permission—useful for when creating a custom role for users.

      Account Admin



      Implementation Specialist

      Performance Marketing Manager / Affiliate Manager

      Account Security Settings

      • Manage your user logins, passwords, two-factor authentication, etc. for your advertiser account

      Account Users

      • Invite users and manage user permissions

      Action Inquiries

      • Review, accept, and decline action inquiries

      Content Labels

      • Create, edit, and delete content labels


      • Create, edit, and delete content assets, syndications, and widgets


      • View, approve, and decline partner applications

      Blocking/Redirect Rules

      • Create, edit, and delete rules for blocking or redirecting traffic


      • Customize the UI experience for your direct partners


      • Add, edit, and remove programs in your account


      • Configure your additional marketing channels

      Company Information

      • Manage basic account info, tax info, addresses, and contacts

      Custom Notifications

      • Create and share custom notifications with other users

      Custom Reports

      • Build and manage custom reports


      • View and customize the dashboard


      • Create, edit, and delete deals for partners

      Exception Lists

      •  Create, edit, and delete category, promo code, and SKU exception lists 

      Expire Partners

      • Expire partners from your program

      Feed Distribution

      • Manage the distribution of the action data feed

      Finance Reporting

      • Full view and export access to all finance reports


      • View account balance, add funds to your account's wallet, and initiate partner funds transfers Portal Information

      •  View and search through the portal, documentation, and release notes 

      Import Partners

      • Bulk import partners into your program(s)

      Insights Report

      • View Partner Insights report (add-on feature)

      Marketplace Listing

      •  Manage your program's marketplace listing 

      Media Sources

      • Manage media sources from other channels


      • Manage your partners

      Partner Manager Access

      • Access Parnter Manager

      Partner Custom Values

      • Designate custom tracking values for partners

      Partner Groups

      • Create and manage your partner groups

      Partner Messages

      • Create and stage messages for partners; does not grant ability to send

      Pending Payouts

      •  [View] See pending payouts to partners 

      •  [Manage] View, approve, modify, or reverse pending payouts to partners 

      Performance Reports

      •  View the full range of performance reports 

      Phone Numbers

      •  For call-tracking programs, view and manage phone numbers 

      Product Catalogs

      • Manage the creation and distribution of product catalogs

      Promo Codes

      • Manage promo codes available to partners


      •  Approve, counter, or reject contract proposals from partners 

      Report Management

      •  Gives access to the "Additional Reports" screen to view all available reports 

      Send Partner Messages

      •  Ability to send messages to partners 


      • Create, assign, update, and delete tasks

      Technical Settings

      • Manage technical settings for your program(s)

      Template Terms Rules

      •  Create, edit, and delete rules that apply to all template terms 

      Template Terms

      •  [Manage] Create, view, edit, and delete template terms 

      • [View] View template terms

      Template Terms Administrator

      •  Edit and delete template terms that have the Restrict modification of template terms setting toggled on. 


      •  Manage tracking settings for your program(s) 

      View Tasks

      •  View existing tasks in the task menu 

Create & manage custom roles

You can create custom sets of permissions and save them as a custom user role. You can then apply that role to users in situations where you have to grant the same custom permission often and to multiple users.

Create a custom role

  1. In the left navigation, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. In the General section select Account Users.

  3. In the top-right, select Manage Custom Roles.

  4. Select Create a Custom Role.

  5. Give your custom role a Role Name (the role name cannot be "custom" and must be unique), and select the Product(s) the role applies to.

  6. Select permissions to include with the custom role (at least one permission has to be selected).

  7. Select Save.

Manage custom roles

  1. In the left navigation, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. In the General section select Account Users.

  3. In the top right, select Manage Custom Roles.

  4. Here you can view and sort all existing custom roles as well as edit roles to which you want to make changes to.

  5. To edit a role, next to the Status column, hover your cursor over the role, and select [Menu] → Edit.

Archive custom roles


Archiving a custom role removes it from the list of custom role options. You will lose all the settings assigned to this custom role once you archive it. If the custom role is assigned to 1 or more users, this option will be unavailable.

  1. In the left navigation, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. In the General section select Account Users.

  3. In the top right, select Manage Custom Roles.

  4. Next to the Status column select [Menu] → Archive.

  5. Select I Understand, continue.

Roles & permissions FAQs

Can a user have more than one role?

Users can only have one defined role (e.g., Performance Marketing Manager, Custom, etc.). Use the "Custom" user role if you want to modify permissions for a user.

What's the difference between View and Manage permissions?

Generally, View level permission only allows a user to read the content on a screen while Manage level permission allows a user to create, read, update, and delete on a screen.

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