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Review Action Inquiries

Some cashback and loyalty partners can submit Action Inquiries when they believe an action hasn't been tracked. You can review the action and accept, decline, or request more information from your partner regarding their inquiry. Need an example? See the Example Scenario at the bottom of this article.

Review action inquiries

  1. From the left nav menu, select Transactions → Inquiries to see the list of action inquiries from partners.

  2. Hover your cursor over an inquiry and select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More]Review to review an inquiry

  3. You will see information about the inquiry; like the partner, the date and time, and the expected payout. Scroll to the Select Resolution section to process the review.

  4. To review this action select Submit and return to the previous page, or select Submit and review Next to load the next inquiry.

Action inquiry resolutions

If you determine an action took place, accept the Action Inquiry.

Transaction Date

Selected the date when this transaction occurred. Note that the Action Lifecycle applies from this date forward, meaning that if it's significantly in the past, the action will automatically lock and payout upon approval, so make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to pay for approved inquiries.

Event Type

Select the Event Type to which this action is tied.

Transaction Details

Optionally, select toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Specify details for this transaction if you want to add item details (SKU, Name, Quantity, Category, Subtotal, Promo Code) for this action.

Select Payout Option

Choose the payout the partner will receive for this action:

  • Accept Expected Payout Amount $XX.XX is the payout that the partner submitted in the inquiry.

  • Specify Payout Amount to set a custom payout amount for the action.

  • Generate Payout Amount will process a payout based on the contract between you and the partner.

Example Scenario: Acme Inc. is a brand that works with Russel Sprout as a partner. Russel Sprout drove an action on January 1 that wasn't tracked. He submits an Action Inquiry to Acme with the missing details for review. On March 5, Acme reviews Russel Sprout's action inquiry and determines that the action did occur, and that their partner should be paid out. If Acme accepts the action inquiry with the original January 1 transaction date:

  • A new action with the event date of March 5 will be created and locked. The action will be paid out on the next scheduled clearing date.

  • Acme needs to sufficiently fund their account to ensure Russel Sprout is paid for the action he drove.

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