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Extended Search for Creator Explained

Extended search for Creator allows brands to find creators outside of the marketplace. By expanding your pool of potential influencers, you can discover fresh voices and untapped audiences. This can lead to more authentic engagements and potentially higher ROI for your campaigns.

You can have up to 5 active extended searches at a time, each with up to 3 keywords or hashtags.


  • Reach beyond creator in the network and diversify your creator portfolio

  • Save time by automating creator discovery

  • Consolidate discovery efforts into a unified platform

How it works

Extended search is a powerful creator prospecting tool. Here are quick tips on getting the most out of it.

  1. Consider and list an ideal target prospect profile.

  2. Identify keywords or hashtags for which your target prospect might be searching.

  3. Set up a search with your keywords.

  4. Review results and add the creators you’re interested in into Prospects.

  5. Revisit your extended searches and their results weekly.

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