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Share of voice Report

The Share of Voice (SOV) report shows how partners promote your affiliate links on their sites compared to other brands you compete with. You’ll be able to choose which brand domains you want to be compared with across all networks.

Note reports on all brand domains by crawling your partner sites to see the landing brand domain since this is all publicly available information.

SOV calculation

A higher Share of Voice (SOV) % means that you have more authority within your business niche.

You can calculate your SOV % by dividing the number of your affiliate links (A) by the total number of all domain’s affiliate links (A+B+C+D+E+F) and multiplying by 100.


  • Gauge brand visibility

    • Measure your brand’s visibility by comparing it to your competitors’. This comparison will indicate whether or not you’re underrepresented and if you need to improve your partner relationships. For example, when you notice you’re SOV percentage with a partner is low, you can revisit your partnership strategy to increase your SOV percentage.

  • Save time and money

    • The SOV report automates link discovery and monitoring on partner and brand websites. Accordingly, you can eliminate the need for third-party tools or expensive solutions.

Access SOV report

This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!
  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Optimize], → Share Of Voice.

    • See the SOV analytics reference below for more information about the report sections.

  2. Use the filters below Share of Voiceto select competitor landing domains and partners you want to include in your report.

    • A maximum of five additional landing domains can be selected. Reach out to your CSM (or contact support) to configure these landing domains.

  3. Once you’ve selected the competitor landing domains and partners, view a breakdown of links by Domain or Partner.

SOV analytics reference

Total partners

The total number of partners.

This total is not the mutual number of partners you share with your competitors, but all the respective partners of each domain.

Total links

The total number of affiliate links on your partner sites for you and five other landing domains.

Last scan date

The date on which the last crawl for affiliate links was performed.

Links by domain

Links by partner


You can [share]You can share this report with selected or all members that have access to your account., [email],   [schedule], or   [download] this report by selecting the relevant icon in the upper-right corner.

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