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Create a Messaging Template

Use Messaging templates as a way to reach out to partners when you send content, dynamic fields, and insert signup links.

Create a messaging template

  1. From the left navigation menu, select PartnersAutomationMessaging Templates.

  2. In the top-right corner, select Create Messaging Template.

  3. toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Messaging Template if you want to apply an existing. Select an existing messaging template from the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu].

  4. Enter your messaging template details:



    Template Name

    This will be the name you select when using the template.

    Send from

    This is the from name that recipients will see when they receive the template.

    Reply to

    This is the email address that partners will contact when they reply to this template


    The subject of the template.


    Enter the content of your template in the provided WYSIWYG editor.

    • The content section will already be populated if you have chosen to add an existing template.

  5. Optionally, Insert a signup link to one of your template terms. This will add a Join my program  button that acts as a sign up link to your template terms.

  6. Optionally, Insert other dynamic fields into your newsletter. You can see the dynamic fields available by selecting the 4115237_add_plus_icon.svg [Expand] icon to the right of the option.

    • See the Dynamic fields reference below for more info about these fields.

    Dynamic fields for newsletter

    Select Insert to populate your template with relevant information (such as a partner’s name, or the current date) in your template.

    Attention: Tokens are case sensitive. Do not place any formatting within special tokens (for example,{lastName} is valid but, {LastName} is not.




    Populates with the full ad listing of the specified <adid> value (e.g., {adcode_<replace_with_ad_id>}).

    Ad code limitations

    The number of ad codes you can use per template is limited by the number of audience members that are part of your template.

    Number of Adcodes


    Maximum of 1

    up to 60 000 partners

    Maximum of 5

    up to 30 000 partners

    Maximum of 10

    up to 20 000 partners

    Maximum of 20

    up to 5 000 partners


    Populates with the ID value of the partner’s account (e.g., 98765).


    Company name.


    Populates with the first name of the partner (e.g., John).


    Populates with the last name of the partner (e.g., Doe).


    Populates with the current date (e.g., January 19, 2038).


    Populates with the full date in ISO format (e.g., 19-Jan-2038 03:14:08 UTC).


    Populates with the current month and year (e.g., January, 2038).


    URL to unsubscribe from the template.

  7. Select Preview for a preliminary display of the segment. Once you're happy with the preview, select Done or Send test email.

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