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Save a Report as a Partner

When viewing reports in, you can save your report changes in and view your custom reports at a later time.

Reports that you've saved will appear in Reports → Saved Reports.

Save a report

When viewing a report, you can make any number of changes to it. Once you've made a change to a report, select Save at the top of the main window.

In the Save View window, fill out:

  • Name—add a descriptive name for this saved report.

  • Default—select whether this saved view will become the new default view for this report type. If it is, you can always view the original report view in Reports → All Reports.

  • Public—select whether this report is public within your account so other users who access your partner account can view it. If it's set to public, this report will appear for other users in the Custom category in Reports → All Reports.

Select Save to save your report view. It will now appear under Reports → Saved Reports.

Manage saved reports

In the Saved Reportsscreen, you can view a list of your saved reports. Select a report title to view it, or select Delete to delete it.

View you're viewing a saved report, a dropdown button appears next to the report title:

  • Clear—select this option to temporary clear your customizations and view the default view of this report again.

  • Edit—select this option to edit your saved report's name and its default and public settings.

  • Delete—select this option to delete this saved report.

  • Save As—select this option to save a duplicate customized report under a new name. This is useful you have made extensive changes to the report and want to save a different one with only a few changes.

If you make any changes to your saved report, you can select Update to save your updated view of the report, or use the Save As feature described above to create a new saved report with this view.

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