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Message Your Brands

Use Messages to quickly and easily communicate with both potential and joined brands. Resolve issues, streamline your onboarding, boot recruiting scale, and more right within Messages will be available for use by all partner account users.


Refer to the Messaging Terms of Use in your account profile window to ensure you stay within’s messaging guidelines.

Where to find your messages

Messages can be found in 2 places: In a widget located in the bottom-right corner of your screen (next to the blue ? [Question mark]) and on the Inbox screen.

Find your messages

Go to your inbox

There are multiple ways you can get to the Inbox screen:

  • You can select [Inbox] in the left navigation bar

  • You can select [Expand] on the messaging window

  • You can select the text link at the bottom of the messaging window

Send and receive messages

Messages will appear in both your widget and your Inbox—you can directly message your brands from either location.

To send your first message in the widget, select Start Conversation. If you're viewing your Inbox, select [New message], search for the brand you want to message, then message the brand.

To create a new message thread with a brand, select [New message] in the widget or [New message] in your Inbox.

Continue the conversation by clicking into an existing message thread, then selecting Enter a message... at the bottom.

You can also attach files to your messages by selecting the [Add] next to Enter a message... You can attach the following file types:

  • CSV

  • PDF

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • GIF

All incoming and outgoing attachments are scanned for viruses.

Set message thread states

You can set message statuses, like Unread, Done, or Spam, when talking to a specific brand. If you're using the widget, select the [Settings] at the top of the widget, then select a status. If you're using the Inbox, select an icon at the top-right of your screen.

Message Status


Mark as done /

Mark this message thread as done. No further action is needed in this thread.

Mark as unread /

Mark this message thread as unread. This thread will generate a notification until the next time a brand account user opens it.

Move to spam /

Move this message thread to spam. You will no longer receive notifications from this message thread.

Archive /

Archive this message thread. No more messages mill be added to it, but you can revisit the thread later.

Search for or filter your message threads

You can search for a specific brand's message thread by using the search bar at the top of the widget or in the top-left corner of your Inbox.

You can only filter for specific kinds of message threads from your Inbox. Filter for message threads by selecting [Filter] next to the search bar, selecting what filters you want to use, then selecting Apply.

Filter reference




Select what message thread state(s) you want to filter for.


Choose the brand relationships (e.g., Joined) for which you want to view message threads.

Make your account appear offline

If you want to set yourself to appear offline from the widget, select the [Settings] next to [New message], and select Set as Offline. If you're viewing your Inbox, select Online→Offline in the top-left corner of your screen.

This can be reversed by following the directions above, then selecting Offline→Online

Set your priority messages

Learn more about setting priority messages.

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