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Message Your Brands

Use the Messages feature to quickly and easily communicate with both the managers of the programs you have joined and programs you'd like to join. The feature offers you a range of uses, such as streamlining your onboarding with a program, contacting a brand about special arrangements, resolving issues, and more.

Important: Refer to's Messaging Terms of Use to ensure that you stay within messaging guidelines.

Find messages

You can access Messages in 2 ways:

  1. In the lower-right corner of your screen, select comment-regular.svg [Chat].

    • A slide-up will appear, letting you start a conversation with the manager of any program you select.

  2. From the left navigation bar (or the top navigation bar for Creators), select comment-regular.svg [Chat].

    • On the Inbox screen, select 4213412_compose_document_edit_pen_pencil_icon__1_.svg [Compose] and use the search-solid.svg [Search] option on the right to find a program with whose manager you want to chat.


View received messages

  1. Messages you receive will appear in both your comment-regular.svg [Chat] widget and your Inbox.

  2. Continue the conversations you've left off by selecting an existing message thread.

  3. To start a thread with a different program, select 4213412_compose_document_edit_pen_pencil_icon__1_.svg [Compose] and search for the program.

  4. You can also attach files to your messages by selecting paperclip-solid.svg [Attach]. The following file types are supported:

    • CSV

    • PDF

    • JPEG

    • PNG

    • GIF


Set message thread status

You can manually mark a message thread as Unread or Spam:

  1. On the comment-regular.svg [Chat] widget, open up a thread and select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More].

    • Select Mark as unread to reset the message notification.

    • Select Move to spam to no longer receive notifications from the message thread.

  2. On the Inbox screen, open up a thread and, from the top of the screen:

    • Select email.svg [Mail] to mark the message as unread and reset the message notification.

    • Select exclamation-circle-solid.svg [Exclamation] to mark the message as spam and no longer receive notifications from the thread.


Search for message threads

  1. On the comment-regular.svg [Chat] widget, search for a specific message thread by inputting a keyword from the program's name in the search bar.

  2. On the Inbox screen:

    • You can search for a specific message thread by inputting a keyword from the program's name in the search bar on the left.

    • Alternatively, use the sliders-h-solid.svg [Filters] to surface programs based on your Relationship status with the program and the thread's message Status.


Make your account appear offline

To configure business hours or set yourself as offline, you need to work on the Inbox screen.

  1. In the upper-left of your inbox screen, select cog-solid.svg [Settings].

  2. Select toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Business Hours.

  3. Use the drop-downs to set your business hours, outside of which your account will appear Offline.

    • By default, your account will appear Online 24/7.

    • Optionally, input an Away Message to inform brands when you'll be back.


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