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Manage User Information & Settings

Manage your personal information and account preferences with the My Profile screen.

Manage account settings

  1. From the left navigation bar, select your user-circle-solid.svg [User Profile] → Edit Profile.

  2. Select pencil-alt-solid.svg [Edit] next to the setting your want to change, or select the setting directly.

    • See the User setting reference for the list of settings you can change.

  3. Select Save.


User setting reference

The user settings are split up into five categories: Public Profile, Basic Info, Security, Email Alerts, and Digest Settings.

Public Profile reference

This category contains your basic information, like your name, and will be available to view in the Brands Marketplace.

User Setting


Profile Image

Upload your headshot or your company logo so other accounts can attach a face to your name.

First Name

Your preferred first name.

Last Name

Your preferred last name.

Work Number

The phone number you prefer other account holders to reach you at.

Cell Number

A secondary number that other account holders can reach you at.

Skype Handle

Your Skype handle.

LinkedIn Profile

The link to your LinkedIn profile.

Private Profile

You can hide your profile information, like your phone number, from other accounts.

Email opt-in

Toggle receiving emails from about upcoming webinars, events, industry reports, and more.

Basic Info reference

This category contains your profile information. Except for your marketplace email address, all of these settings are private.

User Setting


Email Address

The email address with which you will receive newsletters, alerts, and messages.


The password for your account, You cannot view your current password, but you can change it here.

Phone Number

A phone number that can reach you at.

Language Locale

Your preferred language. If you changed your preferred language, log out and back into the platform to see it in the new chosen language.

Marketplace Email Address

The email address that partners can reach you at.

Marketplace Email Forwarding

You can hide your email from the marketplace and just have messages sent to your through to your email address.

Newsletter Email Address

This email address will receive partner promotions and messages.

Security reference

User Setting


Two-Factor Authentication

You can add 2FA to your account for added security. Learn more about two-factor authentication.

Email Alert reference

User Setting


Alternate Email

Add an alternate email address for all email notifications.

Digest Settings reference

These settings have to do with digest emails, which are automated messages that are meant to keep you informed of account events. These can require action, like reviewing contract proposals.

User Setting


Delivery Time

Select when you want to receive a weekly digest email. You can pick between five choices.

  • Morning (4am)

  • Midday/noon (12pm)

  • Afternoon (5pm)

  • Evening (9pm)

  • Midnight (12pm)

Time Zone

Pick what time zone you are located in. Learn what timezones we support.

Day of Week

Pick what day of the week you want to receive your weekly digest email.

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