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Filter & Download Pending Payouts List

| Take the PXA course tracks all actions as valid, which lock based on your contract terms with each partner. Actions can differ based on event type:

  • Pay-Per-Sale: modify and/or reject actions based on details tied to sale (for example, a common reversal reason is because items were returned after a sale).

  • Pay-Per-Call & Pay-Per-Duration: Actions that are tied to recorded calls can be listened to in—helping you determine if actions need to be modified or rejected.

  • Pay-Per-Lead : If a partner meets or exceeds their lead cap, additional actions they generate will appear here.

Find and filter pending payout lists

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Transactions → Pending Payouts → Actions.

    • generates a list you can use to audit your Partners actions.

  2. From the filter panel under Pending Payouts, select different filters that will sort the list, then select [Search].

Base Filters


Filter actions based on the partner who generated it.

Event Type

Filter actions based on event type.


Filter actions based on the order ID (OID) of the action.

Action ID

Filter actions based on the Action ID.

Additional Filters

Shared ID

View the SharedID of the action, if applicable.

Date Range

View actions over a specified date range.

Promo Code

View the promo code used, if applicable.

Status Detail

View the status detail of the action, if applicable.

Download pending payouts (actions) list

  • At the bottom of the list, select [Download] to download the list as a CSV file.

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